The Colony Friends Parklet

Dear Colony Friends,

Thank you for your continued support during such a challenging time. Your thoughtfulness, kind words, purchases and loyalty have gotten us through some dark days. We are so grateful for you! If you are able we are asking for support to allow us to continue to serve the community. A few months ago the city approached us with a plan to build us a parklet for outdoor dining. Once the plans were approved they regretfully informed us there were no funds to move forward with the build. Fortunately we have the approved plans and can do this on our own. We also have the support from the city to help us get the build out approved in a timely manner. The unfortunate part is we do not have the funds for this project as we have taken a financial hit (like many others) due a number of shutdowns.


We have decided to have a fundraiser to get this parklet built. You have supported us through thick and thin and there are no words to express our gratitude. We understand that many of you will not be able to help at this time and that is more than ok. For those of you that can help, we are asking for a donation (any amount, big or small) and we will have your name engraved on the parklet railing. We will dedicate this project to you as The Colony Friends Parklet!


God bless,

The Colony Team

Colony Wine


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