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July 10 - Explore California's Wine Growing Regions

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Are you new to wine or want to expand your knowledge and tasting skills? We have a camp for you! Join us for an educational series that takes you from a Wine 101 class where you learn the fundamentals of wine to the extensive wine growing regions of the world. This is a 6 class series held 2 Sundays out of the month starting June 12th and going through August 28th.

Each class will be led by an expert, have several wines for you to taste and learning materials you can take with you.

June 12 - The Fundamentals 101 - How wine is made, how to taste wine, most popular varietals

June 26 - The Fundamentals 102 - How to read a wine label, how to order wine in a restaurant, how to serve and store wine, wine vocabulary

July 10 - Explore California's Wine Growing Regions

July 24 - New World vs Old World

August 14 - Explore the Regions of Italy

August 28 - Palate Builder - take your tasting skills to the next level

Classes start at 1:00pm

Each class lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours each.

The fee for the 6 class course is $429

If you would like to take specific classes the cost is $89 per class

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