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bespōke butcher club

Enjoy Creekstone New York or Niman Ranch pork. How about Mary's Chicken or Wagyu burgers? Prime aged? Dry aged? We gottem! 

You now have the ease of restaurant quality meats and accoutrements delivered to your door and the opportunity to try something new every time.


We have created a club featuring curated meats, seafood, poultry, cheese, seasoning and wine offered every other month. Mike and Sonya have spent years in the food and beverage industry forging relationships with some of the best local suppliers. Sonya's brother Anthony (Sonya & Anthony grew up in the family restaurant business) has been a successful meat purveyor and butcher and is able to access the finest restaurant quality proteins you will not find at your local market or butcher. 


all natural

humanely raised

sustainably farmed

free range

antibiotic + hormone free

butchered to order 

Every other month you will receive a box of freshly butchered proteins, a bottle of hand-crafted wine, artisan cheese, seasoning, recipes and food and wine pairings. 

The meat is butchered and packaged the morning it is shipped. Nothing is ever frozen. It will be cryovaced and cold packed so you can enjoy the freshness on arrival or freeze yourself. You are also welcome to pick up the box at Colony Wine Merchant if you are local.


When you sign up, please note any allergies or dislikes. We will curate a box according to your notes.


$175 per shipment

includes a variety of freshly butchered proteins

bottle of wine

artisan cheese



pairing suggestions



Delivered Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec


Please note, we may include all natural cured meats and frozen shellfish on occasion.

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